Staff, landscape, and ethics

Attention to employees and the communities where the company is established

Silvateam is committed to improving the working environment of its employees. The focus is placed on the prevention of occupational accidents and creating an environment which does not pose risks to human health (lighting, ventilation, reduction of noise and dust).

The professional growth of the employees is very important and it is promoted by frequent training and refresher courses and by clear career possibilities within the organization. The special courses organized in co-operation with the National Institute of Natural Resources are directed to farmers in order to train them on the best harvest practices for Tara and to increase productivity and the value of the work performed.

Since its creation, Silvateam Peru has developed a Manual of Ethics and Conduct which serves as a guide to protect the integrity of all the employees.

The manual outlines specific behaviors which everybody must respect in order to avoid hostile situations or actions which can disturb the climate of mutual respect and co-operation in the working environment. Discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, religion, political or sexual preferences is strictly forbidden.

In terms of social protection and personal growth, Silvateam apart from providing access to security measures already foreseen by the national legislation also participates in specific programs. Among these programs are an annual medical examination, assistance in administrative practices, subsidized loans and the possibility to practice sports in the facilities near the manufacturing plant.