Delivering Nature’s balance to human well-being

Nutraceuticals are more and more becoming part of people’s basic well-being around the world, combining the disruptive potential of scientific discoveries with the rising demand for clear meals that promote a holistic approach to enhance immunity, deliver the power to fight pathogens and infections and prevent gut disorders. Moreover, consumers tend to prefer plant-based nutraceuticals due to the multitude of advantages they provide. Clean and plant-based dietary supplements are fully pure and free of potentially dangerous chemical substances, making them suitable for every day and long run consumption.

Silvateam has long been assessing, both in-house and in collaboration with prestigious research institutes, its wide range of plant extracts as active ingredients for nutraceuticals. This R&D effort has recently intensified and given birth to Welltan, a brand including phytocomplexes formulated to maximise the efficacy of plant bioactives from different botanical species in terms of human health and wellbeing.

Welltan extracts deliver high standards of safety, quality and effectiveness, exerting several effects including antioxidant activity, SFCA increase, microbiota balancing and intestinal permeability improvement. These effects help people to protect the gut and immune systems from specific disorders, such as gut disbiosis, IBS-D symptoms and low-grade inflammation, while ensuring an overall balance that significantly improves the quality of life.

The fusion of a science grounded effectiveness and a natural composition, rich in tannins, polyphenols and other specific compounds, makes our phytocomplexes highly sought-after and versatile ingredients for a wide range of formulations.

Welltan is a valid and lower impact alternative to synthetic ingredients in an industry where consumers are increasingly conscious about the environmental impact of products.