The Silvateam world

From leather tanning agents to food ingredients, from oenological tannins to vegetable extracts for animal feed: a profile of a world leader

Silvateam sells its branded products in more than 60 countries; it is a world leader in the production, commercialization, and sale of plant based extracts, tannins and their derivatives.

Silvateam researches, manufactures and develops products used for high quality tanned leather, enology, animal feed and other industrial applications, for example, chemicals, oil drilling, textiles, and mining. In 2001, Silvateam successfully entered the food ingredients market, first with the production of Tara gum, and later with pectin and tailor made stabilizers blends.

Backed by the experience gained throughout their 160 years of history, Silvateam faces future challenges by being committed to continuous improvement and focusing on quality and innovation. This offers its customers a high-quality service, accompanied by products always matching market expectations.

From the beginning, the company was concerned about environmental conservation as part of its correct use of natural resources and the execution of certain sustainable development policies. Out of respect for the environment and a desire to make efficient use of resources, Silvateam is committed to energy saving processes and a better use of raw materials.

Silvateam promotes the social and economic growth of its employees and of the local communities.