Empowering a gift of nature

The welfare of livestock animals is strictly linked to our welfare and to the environment. Today’s changing global economy aims to ensure not only the health and safety of the food we eat, but also the restoration of the lost balance between man and nature. This is the main reason behind the ever-rising interest in high-quality, natural solutions which can replace the chemically synthesised products historically added into animal feed.

Silvafeed® extracts including chestnut and quebracho tannins, saponins, polyphenols and pectins are obtained from natural raw materials, following a sourcing and production process based on the following pillars:

  • Environmental stewardship: promoting good forest management practices and preventing deforestation for agricultural exploitation;
  • Full traceability: 100% safe and reliable supply chain, abiding to local forestry regulations for each of the Company locations and botanical species involved;
  • Sustainable production: extraction using only hot water and turning the by-products into a source of green energy (biomass energy).

Concerned for almost 170 year with the conservation of the environment, Silvateam has among its priority policies the sustainable management of forests. The practices promoted by the Company do not foresee the transformation of primary forests into mono-species plantations, they seek to strengthen them as primary forests with high productivity, maintaining biodiversity and a native ecosystem.

Silvafeed® tannins are certified organic according to Regulation EC N. 834/07 and EC N. 889/08. Moreover, the Company's production chain of chestnut and quebracho tannin extracts has been certified PEFC, a globally recognised achievement which gives credit to all the effort put in terms of ecosystem protection.
Besides being made sustainably, Silvafeed® tannins, saponins and polyphenols have shown to lower the environmental impact of livestock production, matching several of the requirements set by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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