Main uses of chestnut extract

Suitable for producing sole leathers and other special leathers

Besides the traditional vegetable tanning applications, astringent and sweetened chestnut extracts are also used with good results for the re-tanning of chrome tanned leathers, especially those to be buffed or embossed and for the production of semi-chrome leathers, to which they impart incomparable fullness, roundness, buffability and light fastness.

Taking into account the main characteristics of astringent and sweetened extracts, a generic distinction can be made:

  • Astringent chestnut extracts

    Are used in vegetable tanning when full, firm and compact leathers are required which must be used only in the final tanning stage. They are used for the re-tanning of chrome tanned leathers to obtain compact and stiff articles. Chestnut N2 imparts a lighter color to leathers compared to the normal astringent type.

  • Sweetened chestnut extracts

    Are mainly used in the first stage of the vegetable rapid, semi rapid and pit drum tanning, or too tan soft vegetable leathers such as Italian vacchetta. To re-tan chrome tanned leathers, we recommend the use of sweetened extracts for those articles which require a distinct look without affecting the typical characteristics of chrome tanned leathers, namely softness, lightness, and gumminess. To obtain lighter colors Dulcotan Special is particularly recommended.

Chestnut extracts can also be used in the re-tanning of chrome shavings intended for the production of leatherboard.

Since chestnut extracts can be used in many and varied applications, according to the kinds of leather to be produced and the tanning/re-tanning systems adopted, a complete explanation and instructions will be provided upon request.