Silvateam Energia

From Silvateam’s experience, specializes in renewable energy sources

The ongoing strategic importance of energy consumption has led Silvateam to create a technical structure, capable of supplying its plants with the equipment and expertise for the direct production of energy from renewable sources, such as biomass from the residues after tannin production. As well as allowing a more rational utilization of the forestry resources in the production of natural extracts, this well-established experience led the Group to create a team of highly specialized technicians who have been working independently under the name Silvateam Energia since 2002.

As a result of projects carried out by the Group and other independent work, Silvateam Energia has acquired a high level of knowledge in these areas varying from biomass power stations to cogeneration biomass and hydroelectric plants, to district heating and solar energy plants.

This experience allows the company to work today in the direct production and commercialization of electricity, as well as in the provision of consulting services and energy management, to the production, creation, installation, and management of industrial plants from renewable sources.

Silvateam Energia uses skilled people and relies on the support of high-profile collaborators in relation to the granting of authorisations and incentives and dealing directly with all the formal aspects related to plant construction for the production of green energy.