Services offered

Silvateam offers its customers advanced plant design service, legal assistance, and consultancy related to the multiple aspects of the energy sector, for example:

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Preparation of the authorisation documents needed to obtain the approval of the appropriate government authorities
  • Funding request assistance
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Direction and project management
  • Procurement services
  • Commissioning and start up
  • Turnkey plants
  • Energy management

Technical and economic feasibility study

The feasibility study consists in the sizing of the plant, including its mass and energy balances and the cost of the main equipment. The study is to obtain an estimation of the power plant costs which is necessary to perform an economic evaluation and a business plan.

Preparation of the authorisation documents needed to obtain the approval of the corresponding government authorities

If the project satisfies the economic requirements, Silvateam proceeds with drafting the authorisation documents for the plant and the related issues such as transmission lines, gas pipelines, etc. Silvateam covers all the different aspects with the local, regional or national authorities. These authorisations are the Sole Authorisation provided under Article 12 of the Legislative Decree n. 387/2003, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Qualification of Renewable Sources Powered Plants, connected to the national electrical power network and building licenses, etc.

Funding request assistance

The consultancy services offered are requesting government funding, the preparation according to rules and models established for funding requests, respecting the delivery terms and assistance and interaction with the authorities.

Basic engineering

The study consists of providing all the necessary process information for the development of construction engineering, with the description of:

  • Process calculation and dimensions of the main equipment.
  • Functional description of the plant.
  • Fluid dynamic study.
  • Data sheets according to the current technical and legal standards for the main equipment of the plant (pumps, ventilators, heat exchangers, burners, tanks, engines, steamroller, etc).
  • Technical specifications of the equipment in the proposal.
  • Preparation of the architectural lay-out, the elevations, the sections and the piping and instrumentation diagram for the plants.
  • Electrical and instrumentation installation.

Detail engineering

The key activities are listed below:

  • Building works which include civil engineering and plant structural regulations.
  • Plant mechanical operation systems such as a list of fluids, line specifications, piping studies, specifications for mechanical assemblies, tender specifications, stress analysis, thermal and acoustic isolation.
  • Electrical work such as one-line electrical schematic diagrams, electrical users lists, lighting and environmental concerns.
  • Instrument installation such as control system architecture, block diagrams, and instrument lists.

Direction and project management

The project direction and management is coordinated by a manager who organizes the work to ensure that it meets the customer’s expectations of quality, delivery terms and costs. The project manager participates in the strategic and political decisions necessary to define the best way to achieve these goals.

Procurement services

The main procurement services include the selection of potential suppliers; the proposal requests, the technical-economic proposal evaluations, the purchase orders and quality control.

Commissioning and start-up

Due to the knowledge of our skilled technicians, Silvateam guarantees the optimal operation of the plant after its installation. The maintenance team receives all the necessary information and training to guarantee operational continuity.

The continuing dialogue with the customer allows Silvateam to calibrate the systems according to their requirements.

Turnkey plants

With this solution, our customers can have Silvateam Energia as the single reference point at each process stage and sector such as design, construction, start up, post-sale assistance and maintenance. This has economic and timing advantages.

Energy management

Silvateam guarantees the best control of costs and energy consumption, assuring a rapid optimization of the energy investments:

  • Electricity and methane provision management, comparative tabulations and drafting contracts in compliance with the customer’s requirements.
  • Monthly checks of the plant’s performance of the electrical energy and heat consumption and energy savings suggestions.
  • Consumptions checks of each production cycle and studies for their optimization.
  • Consultancy and feasibility studies about the creation of new plants or the modification of existing ones in order to improve the energy consumption.