Fintan 737, thermosetting resin for wood panelling

Silvateam has recently developed Fintan 737 which is a new thermosetting resin for wood based panels, derived from the quebracho tree (Schinopsis lorentzii), grown widely in the forests of South America between Argentina and Paraguay. This environmentally friendly resin is the result of the latest applied research on the chemistry of tannin.

Fintan 737 can be used with good results in the manufacturing processes where thermosetting resins, such as phenol - formaldehyde (PF) are used.

Furthermore, the product can be used in many applications in the production of chipboards, medium density fibreboard (MDF), oriented flakes (OSB) and plywood. Fintan 737 can be successfully used for outdoor applications because of its excellent moisture resistant properties.

Fintan 737 allows the production of low formaldehyde emissions products, at the same levels as those of natural wood.

The reactivity of Fintan 737 is significantly higher than conventional phenol - formaldehyde resins (PF). It is also perfectly compatible with them, thus reducing significantly the pressing time. It reduces the pre-curing problems characterizing the other resins, so as to reduce the need for final sandpapering.