System for managing reports (Whistleblowing)

Anyone who witnesses and wishes to report misconduct or violations relating to i) Illegal conducts relevant under Legislative Decree 231 /2001; ii) Violations of the organisation and management models; iii) Offences deriving from Union or national laws; iv) Acts or omissions affecting the Union's financial interests; v) Acts or omissions concerning the Union's internal market or vi) Others can - and should - report it through the channels made available by the Silvateam Group.

If you are aware of certain facts, or have a reasonable suspicion based on precise and concordant facts, about any of the above behaviours, you are encouraged to make a report through the channels listed below:

  • web Platform “WHISTLEBLOWING”
  • Dedicated phone line for each company:
    • 0174/030001 - JRS Silvateam Ingredients S.r.l.
    • 0174/030002 - Silvateam S.p.A
    • 0174/030003 - Ledoga S.r.l.
    • 0174/030004 - Silvachimica s.r.l.
  • at the request of the whistleblower, by meeting directly with the instructor (Internal Audit, Risk Management & Compliance function) at Via Torre 7 -12080 San Michele Mondovi (CN), 5th floor Office Building.

We invite you to report by providing your name and contact details, but it is also possible to report anonymously. In both cases, the utmost confidentiality and protection of personal data is guaranteed.
Anonymous reports will only be accepted if they are sufficiently detailed and highlight specific facts and situations. Anonymous reports that appear to be unfounded or insufficiently substantiated will not be taken into account.

Please note that the following types of whistleblowing reports do not fall within the category of whistleblowing reports and, therefore, will not be taken into consideration:

  • Complaints, claims or personal requests relating to one's employment relationship (please forward them to the competent Human Resources functions).
  • Complaints concerning inefficiencies in the services offered by the companies of the Silvateam Group (please forward them to the relevant corporate functions).
  • Information that is manifestly unfounded, as well as information obtained only through indiscretions or unreliable rumours (commonly referred to as "rumours").

More information can be found in the Whistleblowing Policy.