Pectin project

An opportunity for Calabria’s rebirth

In 2006, after careful planning, Silvateam came to the Calabria region in Southern Italy with an important investment made in the city of Rende (CS) with the creation of Silvateam Food Ingredients and a modern manufacturing plant for the production of pectin from citrus peels.

Thanks to Silvateam’s cutting edge technological solutions and its high environmental standards, the new pectin plant was set up very quickly. This provided jobs for more than 60 employees during the first few months of operation.

A workforce that, if the expected results of the Group are confirmed, could increase further in the coming years and be more significant if we consider also the associated indirect activities which have been generated at the local level in agriculture, animal nutrition, and the service sector. This could be an important opportunity for growth in one of the most underdeveloped areas of Italy and in a region that still registers a GDP per capita lower than 70% of the average in the European Union of 27 countries (Eurostat Data).