From Argentinean quebracho wood, vegetable extracts and furfural for tanning and several industrial applications

Founded at the beginning of 1900s, Indunor, the Argentinean company of the Silvateam group, with commercial offices in Buenos Aires, is the world leader in the manufacture and marketing of quebracho extracts.

Production takes place at its manufacturing plants based at La Escondida and La Verde, located in the province of Chaco (North East of Argentina), an area rich in quebracho forests.

Tradition, innovation, state of the art facilities and staff with proven experience in the sector make Indunor a well-established and highly respected company in Argentina and also globally. More than three-quarters of its production is exported to 60 countries around the world.

Environmental protection is one Indunor’s main goals and the preservation of the Chaco forests guarantees the continuation of its commercial activities. Indunor collaborates with the Argentinean local authorities who directly control the clearing activities and the supply of wood to the Silvateam plants.

Quebracho’s tannin production (around 25,000 tons per year) is integrated with the furfural and furfuryl alcohol production (5,000 tons per year). The residues are used in a biomass power station of 6MW capacity, allowing Indunor to be self-sufficient in energy.

Thanks to Indunor, quebracho extract has become a universal quality symbol for shoe leather, bags, and other real leather products. It is a highly recognized product by Italian and French fashion brands. Indunor is also the official sponsor of the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium, an association of companies operating in the Tuscan tanning area.

Quebracho extracts are also used in many industrial applications such as oil drilling, mineral flotation, ceramic and sanitary items. It is an additive for cement and asphalt and for the manufacturing of inks, varnishes, and lacquers.

The company also produces synthetic tannins and furan resins made from vegetable extracts.

Recently, and in order to explore new markets, Indunor has successfully penetrated the animal nutrition sector by developing innovative blends of vegetable extracts which improve the health and productivity of farm animals.

Indunor also produces tannic acids for oenological use.