QSF, innovation for foundry

Silvateam, a leading group in the production of tannins and in co-operation with researchers and technicians from around the world, has recently developed QSF. QSF is an innovative product especially designed for FNB resins (Furan No-Bake) and used in direct applications in the foundry industry.

QSF or soluble Quebracho is a natural product, soluble in polar solvents such as furfuryl alcohol and phenol (not more than 25% solids ratio) with a chemical structure similar to resorcinol, but with a greater responsiveness. QSF is a very versatile, easy to use and an ecofriendly product suitable for the manufacture of resins.

QSF is used as a main component of the binders in sand moulds for no-bake applications.

As a resin, QSF develops excellent responsiveness when catalysed with a sulphonic acid based both on water and alcohol. In fact, it is possible to obtain a strip time of less than 10 minutes. Good traction strength is obtained by applying the resin at low levels.

QSF is a reddish brown powder, totally biodegradable and sold in 20kg bags and 400kg big bags.