Environmental protection

From the preservation of the forests to water treatment and energy self-sufficiency

In compliance with the strict standards that Argentina established in 1925, the wood used at La Escondida for the tannin extraction process comes almost entirely from state-owned lands. The quebracho in this region is filled by local pickers called “peladores” and only under strict permission which is referred to as “guias”.

This permission is issued by the Argentine forestry department called “Dirección Provincial de Bosques” and must not exceed more than the 20% of the forest area. These strict regulations take into account the following considerations such as the health, condition, and age of the trees. This allows compatible economic use with the protection of the forest. Indunor contributes to the maintenance of the forests by means of reforestation programs throughout the region.

Once the raw materials arrive at the manufacturing plant, the forestry department takes full responsibility for carrying out specific duties, such as measuring the minimum diameter, the origin, and possession of the license.

Indunor’s commitment to sustainability is evidenced by the modern equipment employed for water effluent treatment used for tannins extraction.

To verify these excellent quality standards, the company has initiated procedures to obtain the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification.

Indunor’s plants are completely energy self-sufficient

Once the tannin extraction is performed, the residual wood is used to supply the modern biomass power station. This avoids the use of oil derivatives and reduces the carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere.