Plant powered ingredients to go beyond beauty

Silvateam has recently focused its product development effort in extending the use of its extracts to the health and wellness sectors, historically driven by innovation and a strong consumer awareness for both social and environmental impacts. The company has been able to select the most valuable raw materials and active ingredients for the formulation of cosmetics. 

Qualified scientists have conducted a thorough assessment of the phytochemical profiles of various raw materials in order to investigate their potential bioactivity and efficacy. The results of all these R&D projects and trials have shown how these precious botanical species could deliver the efficient and consistent benefits needed to become a valid and lower impact alternative to synthetic ingredients. 

The selection of the most performing extracts led to the birth of Welltan Cosmetics, a brand featuring a complete range of naturally active and innovative ingredients, including single extracts and specialty formulations. These plant-based products offer high value and versatile solutions for the cosmetics sector. 

Welltan extracts provide high standards of safety, quality and effectiveness, delivering several benefits to human well-being, including antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, microbiota balance, and anti-odour action. In addition, they are derived from natural raw materials, making them an excellent choice for consumers who are concerned about using environmentally-friendly and sustainable products. 

These extracts are naturally rich in tannins, polyphenols and other specific compounds that make them highly sought-after ingredients suitable for a wide range of cosmetic applications, such as deodorants, skin care creams, hair treatments, make-up and UV absorption products.