Knowledge and quality to better serve the customers

Silvateam Group applies high-quality principles and a commitment to sustainable processes in all its plants.

Year after year Silvateam’s clients in 60 countries around the world continue to reward the company by choosing its reliable products.

Maintaining high-quality standards is an essential characteristic of all of the company’s production. This, together with the great attention paid to the customer’s requirements and to strict environmental policies, are the aspects on which Silvateam focuses its research and development.

The company has shown consistency and commitment demonstrated by the numerous awards that the various companies and divisions of the Group have obtained and continue to obtain. Silvateam submits itself to verification by the most qualified international certification organizations.

Six companies of the Group, Indunor, Ledoga, Mark Produtos Químicos, Silvateam Food Ingredients, Silvachimica, and Silvateam Peru have specific process certifications. Silvachimica has also environmental certification and Ledoga, Silvateam Food Ingredients and Silvateam Peru have special certifications for the human and animal food production safety systems.

In addition to the certifications obtained, Silvateam also has voluntary certifications that Silvateam Food Ingredients and Silvateam Peru have achieved for their own food ingredients such as Kosher and Halal.

GMP+: Quality assurance for the animal nutrition sector

Animal nutrition is a key point in the food production chain.

The quality and safety of food from animal origins and the customer’s satisfaction with these products is extremely important.

In order to guarantee the safety of products of animal origin, the certification bodies have defined specific rules that companies from the feed sector must conform to, by adopting the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices. This is mandated by the laws and regulations of this sector. Through such procedures, known as GMP, the industry can guarantee and demonstrate that the animal feed and its ingredients comply with regulatory requirements as well as to the standards set for all other elements of the food chain, from the animal to the consumer’s table.

In order to offer an absolute quality guarantee, Indunor has obtained the GMP+ certification which recognizes the key benefits of the plant based extract blends destined for animal nutrition.

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