Natural solutions for a sustainable agriculture

100% natural, no threat to public health and the environment

Silvateam produces a range of natural extracts that can be used as active ingredients for:

  • Fertilisers
  • Bioprotectors

Thanks to its 160 years old experience in processing different raw materials, the Company is able to manufacture highly standardized extracts, key ingredients to obtain top quality end products, featuring:

  • Constant composition.
  • Long shelf life.
  • No microbial contamination.
  • High concentration of vegetal extracts.
  • Increase in plant metabolism and yield performance.
  • Stimulation of plant natural defenses against biotic and abiotic stress.

Unique plant-based extract complex for the protection of seeds

Silvateam has specifically designed a seed coating formulation based on natural extracts. This reddish-brown liquid acts as a natural resin to coat seeds.

The synergistic action of different vegetal extracts is a key factor in improving seed surface, size, shape, and weight.

The formulation has been developed to enhance protection efficiency and performance within seed encrusting process.

Customized solutions for innovative and successful products

Thanks to its know-how and patent technologies, Silvateam is able to create a wide range of formulations.

The in-house Research and Development Center is able to study and assess the interactions of plant-based extracts and specific applications under different environmental conditions.


Silvateam mastic is a pruning and grafting sealer based on tannin extracts of vegetal origin. It is characterized by a reddish-brown color.

Thanks to the know-how acquired both in the laboratory and in the market, a mastic has been developed with the aim of protecting, restoring and healing plant wounds caused by pruning, grafting, and accidental lesions.

Furthermore, it is easy to use thanks to its calibrated viscosity.

It is free of phytotoxic agents and does not hurt the external tissue of the plant.