Fintan 737B and Fintan RU for food grade cardboard

In packaging made of corrugated cardboard, adhesives are used to fix the cardboard together (cover and waves), while the glue also makes the cardboard moisture resistant.

In the first case, we can use environmentally friendly adhesives based on starch, corn, wheat, potato, and water. In the second case, resin based products are used to make the packaging moisture resistant.

After years of studies and technical applications, Silvateam has developed Fintan 737B and Fintan RU. They are two innovative solutions to improve the activity of starch based adhesives used in the production of corrugated boards and their resistance to high humidity. Both products are suitable for food grade packaging.

Fintan 737B is a natural polyphenol which is eco-friendly and specially designed to improve efficiency in the production of corrugated board, increasing its tacky property and thus reducing the consumption of starch. Simple and easy to use, Fintan 737B is a liquid product, which offers significant added value to the finished product by increasing the set speed. This results in an increase in the mechanical strength of the paper and greater protection from moisture.

Fintan RU is a polymer in liquid form, studied by Silvateam to give corrugated cardboard an excellent resistance to moisture as required by the test method FEFCO No 9, which tests its crack resistance and temperature.

Because of their compositions, adhesives rich in Fintan 737B and Fintan RU can be used for the production of packaging suitable for fresh fruit and vegetables, which require excellent mechanical properties that are maintained even in extreme conditions of temperature and humidity, while always ensuring excellent compression strength.

The products are available in the following packaging: Fintan 737B in 230kg plastic drums and cisterns. Fintan RU is packaged in 220kg convenient plastic drums.