Code of Ethics

The Silvateam Group's Code of Ethics reflects the commitment of the owners and the Board of Directors to provide conduct guidelines to be followed, hence, principles to follow in carrying out the activities, and to help recognise and address ethical issues.

For the Italian companies of the Group, the Code of Ethics is an integral part of the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to 231/2001 Law.

Silvateam believes that the culture of ethics, integrity and honesty is the key factor that allows the effective fight against corruption and any unlawful or improper practice. For this reason, Silvateam requires all individuals who work for the achievement of the Company's objectives, whether they are in top positions, corporate bodies, internal collaborators or employees, to comply with the rules of conduct in the conduct of business and company activities, and to share the values and principles contained in the Code of Ethics.

In the same way, customers, suppliers, lenders, creditors, business partners, consultants and/or collaborators who act in the name and on behalf of the companies of the Silvateam Group must also be considered "Recipients" of the Code of Ethics of the Silvateam Group.

The Recipients shall behave in accordance with the fundamental principles of legality, moral integrity, fairness, transparency, objectivity and respect for the individual, in the pursuit of the Company's objectives and in all relationships with people and organisations inside and outside the Company, both public and private.

In no case can the pursuit of the interest or advantage of the companies of the Group justify an action that does not comply with the law and with the provisions of the Code of Ethics. Therefore, Silvateam reserves the right not to undertake or continue any type of relationship with anyone who behaves in a manner contrary to the provisions of the Code of Ethics.