Beamhouse chemicals

To better prepare your skins for further tanning processes

In order to expand its offering for the tanning industry, Silvateam has recently developed a complete range of beamhouse chemicals called Silvabeam, such as soaking auxiliaries, liming auxiliaries, deliming auxiliaries and enzymes.

The most popular products are listed in the table below: our technicians are at your disposal to provide useful information which will allow you to choose products which create new exciting leather articles.

Product name Description Physical status
Silvabeam SK Enzymes for soaking  Powder
Silvabeam BT Bactericide for soaking and liming  Liquid
Silvabeam FC Thiocyanates based fungicide for soaking Liquid
Silvabeam WR Amine based anti-wrinkle product for the liming process Liquid
Silvabeam DM Organic salts based deliming agent  Powder
Silvabeam NZ Proteolytic enzymes for bating Powder
Silvabeam BS Basifying agent Powder