Sustainable development

Respect for the environment

In Silvateam Peru, the policies of sustainable development represent a fundamental principle of the entire company, its staff, and its procedures. The sustainable development is considered as a crucial factor for growth and a fair compensation for its shareholders, employees, collaborators, suppliers and the communities where it operates. That is why the company invests money and effort in research to enable a more rational use of natural resources so that they are still available for generations to come.

The two company plantations, which have an irrigation system established in co-operation with the Botanic Department of the University of Lima, operate without using pesticides or other chemical products. The manufacturing and packaging equipment have all the necessary safeguards to limit the negative impact on the environment: recycling to reduce waste; placement of appropriate filters to limit the emission of dust into the atmosphere; a sewage treatment plant to avoid pollution from manufacturing residues and the use of natural gas as an alternative to fossil fuels to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions.

Presently the Group is engaged in the following areas:

  • Promotion of the rational use of the natural resources, with handouts and conferences for the concerned communities
  • Reduction of waste through continuous investment in the manufacturing plants
  • Use of natural gas to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Recycling of packaging
  • Promotion of sustainable development principles between managers, shareholders, employees, and suppliers
  • Respect for human rights
  • Equal opportunities
  • Knowledge transfer on the use of water in agriculture
  • Avoiding negative impact to third parties as a result of corporate activities
  • Purchasing of raw materials directly from the producers in the local communities