Social development

Behavior and actions for social development in the Chaco region of Argentina

With a business office in Buenos Aires, Indunor’s production takes place in La Escondida, in the province of Chaco which is essentially an agricultural region and one of the most underdeveloped of Argentina.

Created in 1924 and continually modernized, the plant employs around 350 people. However, many families are engaged in the collection of quebracho wood and other activities related to the company, which they obtain from the tannin business as an important and irreplaceable development opportunity.

Indunor promotes the continuous personal and professional growth of its employees through refresher courses, scholarships and technical and commercial exchanges with the Italian company of the Silvateam group.

From its beginning, Indunor has been committed to improving the lifestyle of the families of the thousands of local pickers called “peladores” working in the collection of the quebracho wood, while also improving the local community in general.

Recently, Indunor has promoted a program of social assistance and support. This program has created a medical consulting room within the factory, accessible to the employees and their families. The company has also supported local schools and the development of social, cultural and sporting activities in the local communities. It has created a daily milk distribution center for poor families.