A full range of pectin combined with Silvateam expertise

Silvateam is a pectin supplier to the food industry. Produces a full range of pectin under the registered name Aglupectin®.

The manufacturing is done in its new factory, based in Rende (Italy) from citrus peels (lemon, lime, and orange) with an annual capacity of 2,000 tons. Our unique production process enables the manufacture of bespoke pectin for customized projects and specialty products.

Silvateam has an application and development center in Bergamo (Italy) to study the properties interactions and applications of pectin. The use of these extensive laboratories and pilot plants allows our customers to develop their products using the best technical support and to achieve the correct results.

Suitable for high sugar jams, jellies, and beverages

High methoxyl pectin has a relatively high portion of the carboxyl groups as methyl esters, greater than 50%.

HM pectin can be divided into rapid set, medium rapid set and slow set pectin depending on the setting time and temperature.

Gels made with HM pectins have a firm and short structure, and are clear, with a good flavor release. These gels are not heated reversible.

Apart from the setting time, HM pectins are standardized with respect to SAG grade, gel strength, setting temperature, viscosity, and protein stability depending on the final application.

The table below shows a list of the key HM pectins, produced by Silvateam.

Product name Description Gel strength DM (%) Applications
Aglupectin HS-R Rapid 145 - 155 67 - 70
  • High sugar jams and marmalades
Aglupectin HS-MR Medium rapid set 145 - 155 64 - 67
  • High sugar jams
Aglupectin HS-S Slow set 145 - 155 58 - 64
  • Single portion jams
Aglupectin HS-ES Extra slow set 145 - 155 50 - 58
  • Confectionery jellies
  • Jams and marmalades
Aglupectin HS-RV Rapid set N.a. 64 - 67
  • High viscosity fruit beverages
Aglupectin HS-RAM Rapid set N.a. 70 - 72
  • Acidic protein beverages
Aglupectin HS-SB Buffered slow set N.a. 58 - 64
  • Confectionery jellies

The determination of gelling strength according to the USA-Sag method (Committee for Pectin Standardisation, 1959).

DM: Degree of Methoxylation

Suitable for low sugar jams, fruit preparations and reversible jellies in hot and cold conditions

Amidated pectin (LMA) is a low methoxyl pectin obtained from high methoxyl pectin when ammonia is used in the alkaline de-esterification process. The degree of methoxylation (DM) and the degree of amidation (DA) determine the calcium reactivity of this pectin. LMA pectin form spreadable, shear reversible gels in hot and cold conditions.

The degree of amidation (DA) is expressed as a percentage of amidated galacturonic acid units to total galacturonic acid units in the molecule of pectin:

  • Typical DA level is from 2 or 3% to 25% (max 25% by law);
  • Typical DM level is from 25% to 48%.

LMA pectins are typically standardized according to the gel strength, setting temperature and calcium reactivity.

The table below shows a list of the key LMA pectins, produced by Silvateam.

Product name Description DM (%) DA (%) Applications
Aglupectin LA-S03S Amidated 40 - 48 8 - 12
  • Cold spreadable jellies
Aglupectin LA-S05 Amidated 35 - 45 12 - 16
  • Yoghurt fruit preparations
Aglupectin LA-S10 Amidated 30 - 40 16 - 20
  • Low sugar jams
  • Jellies
  • Yogurt fruit preparations
Aglupectin LA-S10S Amidated 30 - 40 16 - 20
  • Reversible jellies
Aglupectin LA-S20 Amidated 25 - 35 20 - 25
  • Low sugar jams and jellies
  • Yogurt fruit preparations

DM: Degree of Methoxylation and DA: Degree of Amidation

Suitable for organic jams and bakery jams

Conventional pectin (LMC) is a low methoxyl pectin that contains less than 50% of the carboxylic acid units esterified and forms gels only with polyvalent ions (Ca++, Mg++). LMC pectin permits to produce brittle thermally irreversible gels.

LMC pectins are typically standardized according to the gel strength, setting temperature and calcium reactivity.

The table below shows a list of the key LMC pectins, produced by Silvateam.

Product name Description DM (%) Applications
Aglupectin LC-S12 Conventional 31 - 35
  • Jams
  • Yogurt fruit preparations
Aglupectin LC-S18 Conventional 35 - 41
  • Yogurt fruit preparations
  • Organic jams and jellies
Aglupectin LC-S22 Conventional 46 - 50
  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Yogurt fruit preparations with high solids
Aglupectin LC-BF Conventional 35 - 41
  • Bakery jams

DM: Degree of Methoxylation