Power plants

From biomass power plants to hydroelectric plants, district heating to cogeneration power plants

In 1975 the first cogeneration thermoelectric power plant fuelled by biomass was created, with a production capacity of around 60t/hour of steam and 6MW of electricity. This plant is part of a Silvateam’s manufacturing plant located in Bagni di Lucca, Italy. In the early nineties, due to the shutdown of the furfural production, which provided the biomass to the power plant, the boiler has been replaced with a hybrid system operating with aluminium lignin sulfonate, gas and fuel oil.

The knowledge acquired from the operation of this power plant and the optimisation of its processes and equipment, has made it possible for Silvateam to set up the biomass thermoelectric power plant located in Rende, Italy in the late 1990’s.

At the same time a steam generation plant was built in La Escondida, in the Chaco region of Argentina with a steam production of 60t/hour which permits Indunor, which is a company of Silvateam, to be self sufficient in thermal and electrical energy.

In 2007, the Group obtained the authorisation for the construction of the cogeneration thermoelectric power plant of 100MW (combined cycle) in San Michele Mondovì, Italy. Today it is at the initial set up stage.

In 2007, Silvateam received approval for the creation of two cogeneration plants and their district heating network in Prato Nevoso, which is a well-known area of the Maritime Alps and Mondovì, both located in the province of Cuneo (Italy). Regarding the cogeneration plant of Prato Nevoso, Silvateam has performed the design and has followed the first stage of construction. It is presently in the final stages of completion.