JRS Silvateam Ingredients

Manufacturer of Pectin, Tara gum and other extracts for the food industry

After the successful introduction of the Tara gum (Caesalpina spinosa) into the food hydrocolloid market and anticipating the encouraging growth in this sector, Silvateam decided to create in 2008 Silvateam Food Ingredients. Apart from managing the consolidated business of the Tara gum, Aglumix®01, the company also manufactures and markets pectins and tailor made stabilizers blends.

Pectin is a natural gelling agent used to provide the optimal texture to many food products such as jams, marmalades, fruit preparations, confectionery and dairy products.

Pectin is produced from citrus peel in a new technological plant based in Rende (Calabria, Southern Italy), a strategic location for the supply of raw materials, with a production capacity of 2,000 tons per year.

Silvateam Food Ingredients has created a range of pectins, registered under the Aglupectin® brand, including high methoxyl pectin and conventional and amidated low methoxyl pectins. It also produces functional systems, registered under the Aglutex® brand, containing emulsifiers, stabilizers and other specific ingredients blended to improve the consistency, mouthfeel, stability, and taste of the finished products.

Backed by Silvateam's expertise, the company has developed a range of tannins used in the production of red and white wines. Originally used for clarification they are also used for their antioxidant properties, protecting the color, flavor and chelating the metals.

Apart from the production plant in Rende, Silvateam Food Ingredients has created a new Research, Technical and Commercial Centre in Bergamo (Northern Italy), where technologists of proven international experience develop tailor-made solutions for new products, meeting the customers' requirements and anticipating market trends.

Thanks to the efficient pilot plants, innovative solutions can be directly tested. Furthermore, each qualitative parameter is monitored to optimize the benefits of these ingredients during the shelf life of the products.