Silvafix: fixing agents with high resistance at low pH

Silvafix 5 and Silvafix NH are fixing agents used for improving the wet fastness properties of dyed nylon that does not impair the handle. These fixing agents are easily soluble in water and sold in a liquid form of brown color.

Furthermore, they are also effective as reserving agents in mixed cotton/nylon dying. Silvafix NH shows good stability in very low pH environments.

The following table shows the fixing agents with their main technical characteristics. Silvateam technicians will be pleased to provide customers all the information necessary for the use of these products.

Product name Description Properties Applications
Silvafix 5 Sulphonated phenolic derivatives with anionic function Good fixing power
  • Fixing agent for polyamide fabrics with acid dyes
  • Reserving agent for polyamide fibers in dyeing of cellulosic/ polyamide mixtures with direct dyes
Silvafix NH Sulphonated phenolic derivatives with anionic function Good resistance at low pH