Heir to a century of tradition in chemicals for tanneries

Silvachimica was founded in 1999 to bring together in one location the production, research, and development, distribution and marketing of the chemical products of several Italian companies acquired by the Group. Among these, were acquired Industria Chimica Lombarda, Soda and A. Forte which are leading companies in the fatliquors sector.

At present, Silvachimica is represented in more than 50 countries to serve directly and indirectly more than 20,000 customers, backed by a production mainly focused on the following product range:

  • Vegetable extracts
  • Special extracts
  • Synthetic tannins
  • Tanning auxiliaries
  • Oil and fatliquors
  • Resins

Silvachimica has recently developed anionic dyes and beamhouse chemicals to complete the range of products suitable for tanneries.

The company has a production plant in San Michele Mondovì (Piedmont, Northern Italy), an experimental tannery for the development of leather prototypes and four main commercial offices with warehouses and direct technical assistance in Castelfranco di Sotto (Tuscany), Arzignano (Veneto), Estancia Velha (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) and Guangzhou (China).

The manufacturing plant has a production capacity of 15,000 tons per year of synthetic tannins, 600 tons of special tannins for use in the non-tanning fine chemical industry, 20,000 tons of oils and fatliquors and 5,000 tons of tanning auxiliaries.

Traditionally orientated to natural products, Silvachimica offers its customers a broad range of solutions for the ecological treatment of leathers with a low environmental impact.

Additionally, a staff of more than 20 technicians, with international experience, provides quick and efficient technical service.

Always attentive to the continuing fluctuations in the market and the growing requirements of customers, Silvachimica invests considerable resources in research and development for the creation of new products and the development of innovative applications for vegetable extracts.

Silvachimica produces and markets special tannins for enology, textiles and other industrial applications. During the last few years, the company has successfully penetrated the animal nutrition market with the creation of vegetable extract blends developed to answer the specific needs of farmers and to improve the general health of their animals.