Myrobalan extracts

From the fruits of myrobalan come fine tannins for tanneries

Myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) is a tree that grows to a maximum height of 15m, typical of the East Indies. Its name derives from the French word “Myrobalanos” which means “acorn”.

Its fruits look like prunes and have a color varying from yellowish green during the harvest, to brownish black during storage. They are rich in hydrolysable tannins (pyrogallic) and very astringent and with good light fastness. The stones are opposite, they are low in tannins (3%) and have a strong smell. They are removed before the extraction process.

Myrobalan extracts provide a light greenish yellow color to tanning liquors and leathers and they are used especially in the first steps of tanning sole leathers to compensate for the reddish color of tanning agents such as quebracho extracts.

The extracts are available both in liquid and powder form and give leathers a uniform color and a soft touch.

Due to myrobalan’s high sugar content, the extracts ferment easily.

Silvateam manufactures and markets the myrobalan extract worldwide in a brown powder form.