Integrated Quality Safety Environment Energy Food Safety Policy

Quality Policy

Silvateam S.p.a. develops, produces and sells all over the world products of plant origin and synthesis mainly for the leather processing, food and feed industry, and for the production of energy from renewable sources. 

The company's mission is to create high-level products and services, combining centuries of experience with constant innovation and the strong passion of its people for their business, in order to satisfy the needs of its customers, but also to provide solutions that anticipate market trends, in full compliance with mandatory and voluntary standards.

The Management has required all the companies of the Silvateam group to implement and constantly update a Quality Management System, based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. 

The company strategies aim at specific objectives and targets, which can be summarised as follows

  • to ensure compliance with internal procedures and company policies, legal requirements and voluntary norms and standards, through process control and verification of the effectiveness of the management system, by conducting scheduled audits and applying corrective actions 
  • maintaining the conformity of products to the internal specifications established in accordance with the customer's requirements, through quality analyses and controls carried out throughout the value chain;  
  • identify and monitor appropriate measurable indicators, collaborating with all stakeholders, with a view to continuous improvement; 
  • constantly monitor customer satisfaction, through detailed analysis of complaints and feedback received, encouraging constructive collaboration; 
  • keeping the company's Management System constantly updated, identifying and managing risks and opportunities that may affect the conformity of the products and services provided;
  • devote resources to making production processes more efficient, identifying inefficiencies and proposing continual process improvements, in order to offer competitive products to the market; and 
  • follow and anticipate market trends, supporting the research and development of new sustainable products; 
  • disseminate the culture of quality and awareness of corporate objectives within the organisation, through continuous training and effective communication to internal stakeholders; 
  • involve and involve staff at all levels in the achievement of corporate objectives;

Management provides the necessary resources to implement an organisational model capable of achieving the set objectives.

Health and Safety Policy

The Silvateam Group, aware of its responsibilities towards its employees and co-workers, has undertaken and continues to pursue a path of constant improvement in working conditions that leads to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases of its personnel, as well as the protection of the public health of the community.

The health and safety of employees represents an essential aspect for the organisation, given the centrality attributed to people as the main success factor.

The companies of the SILVATEAM group are committed to pursuing the objective of guaranteeing maximum attention to the protection of the wellbeing and health of individuals with a proactive and constant commitment to improving the health and safety conditions of workers, in order to prevent and minimise related risks.

To this end Silvateam: 

  • undertakes to disseminate and consolidate a culture of safety and health at work by developing risk awareness, promoting responsible behaviour by all employees and collaborators, who are asked to contribute to maintaining a healthy, wholesome and safe working environment; 
  • Promotes the adoption of technologies and operating methods with the aim of adapting to the best available techniques aimed at preventing and improving the psycho-physical conditions of workers.
  • Ensures that appropriate training is carried out, the courses of which are provided periodically in compliance with current and binding regulatory provisions; 
  • promotes and implements all initiatives aimed at developing the improvement of the psycho-physical wellbeing of its employees and collaborators, first and foremost by minimising risks and removing the causes that may jeopardise the safety and health of employees, by implementing technical and organisational interventions
  • provides all employees with and promotes the use of suitable Collective and Individual Protection Devices, depending on the activities and risks involved, informing and training personnel on their correct use and maintenance.

Policy on Environment, Energy and Chemicals Management

The SILVATEAM Group ensures the full compatibility of its activities with the territory and the environment, operating in compliance with environmental and energy laws and protecting the ecosystem that is an integral part of its business. 

The companies of the Silvateam Group are committed to reducing the environmental impacts of their production processes, optimising energy efficiency and the sustainable use of materials, through the following objectives 

  • pursuing the continuous improvement of its performance, starting from the identification of the environmental impact of its activities and production processes; 
  • protecting ecosystems and biodiversity, using natural resources, materials and energy sources responsibly and efficiently, valorising by-products and promoting a circular economy 
  • establish and develop relationships of constructive collaboration, marked by maximum transparency and trust, both internally and with third parties and competent authorities, providing relevant information and data available 
  • encourage research to develop bio-based products, capable of replacing products of equal use, but composed of chemicals that impact the environment;
  • consciously manage all chemicals and plan actions to adopt and implement the guidelines of the ZDHC - Road to Zero programme, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001;
  • guarantee the continuous improvement of environmental and energy performance, through control and monitoring systems on production processes, of parameters related to environmental and energy aspects, reducing and optimising: the consumption of raw materials, water, thermal and electrical energy, water discharges, atmospheric and acoustic emissions, waste production, in order to protect the soil
  • pursuing the prevention of pollution and the waste of resources and energy, adopting the best technological solutions available, enhancing the reliability of plants and their maintenance within the scope of the objectives described in the Environmental Improvement Plan and the Energy Plan; 
  • involve and make internal company resources and contractors aware, through training and information activities on environmental and energy issues;
  • stimulate interest and knowledge of the products in the final consumer, illustrating their characteristics and applications through the use of the main information channels, including the web and social networks; 

The Management is committed to providing the necessary human, material and economic resources, taking into the utmost consideration all the cues for improvement deriving from the Periodic Reviews.

Food Safety Policy

The Silvateam Group manufactures and markets products for food and feed use such as processing aids, additives, functional ingredients and premixes, obtained from vegetable raw materials and developed through research activities, collaboration with its customers and decades of experience.

In order to provide products that are safe and fully meet the requirements of the target market, the integrated Food Safety Management System has been implemented in compliance with current legislation and the main voluntary certification standards of the food and feed industry. 

To this end, Silvateam pursues the following objectives

  • to respect product safety and compliance with the legislation in force through the provision of adequate human, economic, technological and structural resources
  • to ensure that the management system complies with the requirements of the relevant Food Safety Standards, through the conduct of internal audits, the management of any non-compliance and the identification of appropriate corrective actions
  • ensure that all departments and processes are involved in the development and implementation of the food safety plan through the analysis of trends and feedback, as input tools for periodic reviews of the system; 
  • collaborate with the Control and Certification Bodies, guaranteeing transparency and full accessibility of information during audits and acting promptly on any non-conformities found during audits;
  • support the development of a self-control plan that incorporates all the principles of the HACCP system and the Codex Alimentarius, assessing risks and impacts of any origin, linked to raw materials, the process and the intended use
  • support the assessment and management of food fraud risks and the implementation of a food defence plan, in order to protect the safety of products from deliberate damage;
  • Support the development of a food quality and safety plan in order to increase the active participation, sensitivity, awareness and culture of all human resources involved in the food management system and production processes;
  • Encouraging constructive collaboration with customers by complying with established quality requirements, monitoring them through appropriate analytical plans and constantly assessing customer satisfaction through detailed feedback analyses; 
  • Ensuring the import, production and marketing, including export of organic products, where applicable, through compliance with applicable regulations.