Tara tannins

From Peru, leader tannins for automotive upholstery

Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa) is a tree that grows wild in South America, especially in Peru, and in North Africa. From its valuable fruits, called “pods”, Tara tannins are rich in pyrogallic acid and small quantities of catechin derivatives. Silvateam has its own plantations in Peru, in the mountainous area of Huánuco and in the semi-desert area of Ica, with a total land surface of 450 hectares.

Tara gum is also obtained from the endosperm of the seed and is a natural thickening agent, rich in galactomannans and highly requested by the food industry.

Tara tannins have a very light natural color and they are used to obtain very clear leathers with good light and heat fastness. Also, they give fullness and softness to the leathers, with a smooth and firm grain. Tara tannins confer to leathers a grain cracking resistance higher compared to any other vegetable tanning agent. For this reason, these extracts are mainly used for the production of car seats and interiors of luxury cars.

Gallic acid is the main constituent of Tara powder (53%) and can be easily isolated by alkaline hydrolysis of the pods.

Tara tannins are available in liquid form as a compound (Tara Extra Liquid) or in the form of powder (Ormotan T).