Tanning auxiliaries

Synergism in retanning

Tanning auxiliaries are tanning aids which include bleaching agents, penetrating agents for dyes, slip agents and fillers.

The most popular products are listed in the table below: our technicians are at your disposal to provide useful information which will allow you to choose products which create new exciting leather articles.

Product name Description Physical status
Clartan Auxiliary product for leather bleaching Powder
Dispersan Penetrating agent for dyestuff Liquid
Floreol Emulsified wax for drum Liquid
Ledofil Non-ionic filler for the retannage of chrome leathers Powder
Ledofix Fixing agent for anionic dyestuff Liquid
Ledoplen Filling agent for vegetable sole leathers Powder
Ledoslip A Slippering agent Powder
Ledoslip C Slippering agent for chrome tanning Powder
Ledosol CRP Chrome syntan complex Powder
Ledosol PCR Chrome syntan complex Powder
Ledosol XT Pretanning compound for wet white system Liquid
Ledosol WT Pretanning agent for wet white system Liquid
Sequestrante EDTA based product Powder