Functional blends

Tailor-made systems for meeting the customers’ needs

People increasingly have to manage demands on their time. Convenience impacts all aspects of people’s lives forcing them to constantly seek out more efficient and effective products that help to improve their busy lifestyles and free up and maximize leisure time. The return to home cooking is not a big surprise: consumers want to cook simply and easily.

The food industry is facing these challenges worldwide and to be successful, a consistent quality product is necessary to gain market share through:

  • Development of recipes that are simple, economic and ready to eat.
  • Selection of raw materials and functional ingredients.
  • Standardization of production and process control (HACCP).
  • Packaging and storage conditions.

The food ingredients industry has therefore developed new innovative blending solutions, answering the customer's requirements.

For example, some blends show, for example, thickening properties in yogurt while others improve the heat stability of filling creams for baked goods. These blends form thixotropic gels as in the case of ketchup, keeps fine particles in suspension in different media and delays the growth of ice crystals in frozen food during storage.