Silvateam Peru

From the Tara tree, fine vegetable extracts for tanning and food applications

The diversification process that has characterized the corporate strategies during the last decades has enabled the Silvateam group to become a world leader in the production and sales of Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa), the fruit of a Peruvian tree. Fine tannins are obtained from the pods and Tara gum is made from the endosperm of seeds.

Founded in 2001 in Lima, Silvateam Peru operates in a plant built with state of the art technology and it has a fully equipped laboratory to guarantee a rigorous quality control for all the products.

Tara tannins which are extracted from the pods are rich in environmentally friendly tannic acid and registered under the Ormotan® brand. The main application is in automotive leather upholstery, a segment where Silvateam has gained significant market share during the last few years.

Tara gum is produced from the endosperm as a natural thickening agent, rich in galactomannans, and widely used by the food industry. Tara gum, registered under the Aglumix®01 brand, has allowed Silvateam to successfully enter the food ingredients market.

To guarantee stability in the supply of raw materials and prices, Silvateam has two plantations located respectively in the mountainous region of Huánuco and in the desert area of ICA in Peru, with a total area of 450 hectares.

Following positive results, Silvateam Peru has embarked on an ambitious development program, investing in technology, science and supporting environmental and social sustainability policies to help more 10,000 small local producers.

This important effort, in a short time, has led to rewarding recognition. From 2004 to 2009, Silvateam Peru was named “Company of the year”.