Green energy

From chestnut wood residues, clean energy and 100% natural pellets

In a global environment influenced by doubts about the fossil fuel market, primarily oil, and an ongoing awareness of the need to restrict polluting emissions to the atmosphere, Silvateam Group has taken advantage of its broad experience in wood management in order to create green solutions in the energy sector. In fact, chestnut wood residues, obtained from the tannin extraction process have been simply washed in an autoclave with high temperature and high pressure.

Classified as “biomass”, this product is considered by the Kyoto Protocol as “renewable”, similar to solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind and sea power.

The use of this resource, with a neutral carbon dioxide emission balance, has been promoted by Silvateam for decades. In fact, the company produces energy (heating and electricity) using exhausted wood biomass in its plants located in San Michele di Mondovì (Italy) and La Escondida (Argentina). The plant in Argentina is 100% energy self-sufficient.

Today Silvateam also produces pellets, sold under the brand Bruciabene®.

The company co-operates with innovative projects for the creation of power plants that provide heat and clean energy from efficient biomass combustion, widely used Northern Europe. These plants are built using knowledge and technologies to ensure maximum safety and a strict control of emissions. This will allow the pursuit of carbon-free models, with important environmental and economic benefits for local communities.