Pectin production

From citrus peels to standardized pectin

Pectin production consists mainly of an extraction process, in acid conditions, by which the pectin is separated from the citrus peels and turned into a soluble form. The protopectin present in the fruit is extracted by a hydrolysis in aqueous solution. The liquid is separated from the peel residues that remain in suspension using filtration. Clarification occurs to guarantee a good transparency of the pectin when used for the development of finished products. The pectin syrup is then precipitated, purified and filtered to isolate the pectin. The pure pectin is dried and, after a detailed chemical analysis, blended with sugar or salts to standardize the product and to give the customer a product with a constant degree of gelation and suitable for the final application.

Reproducibility and quality of pectins

Since the pectin is extracted from natural sources, its properties may differ depending on the quality of the raw materials, harvest time, washing and drying peels but also on the production process. At Silvateam, we supply our customers with products for large-scale industrial production that guarantee reliable and reproducible results on the basis of a standardized pectin grade.