At a glance

Starting in the heart of the Piedmont in Northern Italy, Silvateam has expanded around the world

Silvateam brings together the knowledge of six companies, operating in Italy, South America and China and many commercial offices on the five continents. Its organization allows the company to offer products and services to more than 10,000 clients, situated in more than 60 countries. High-quality products, efficient technical assistance and high levels of innovation and technology are what Silvateam is all about.

Some of Silvateam’s main goals are the professional growth of its people, a respect for the environment and an improvement in the living standards of those communities near their production plants. Since the first company was founded in 1854 in Corsaglia di Frabosa (Cuneo, Northern Italy) for the extraction of chestnut tannins, many steps have been taken in this direction.


  • Silvateam Spa is the Holding Company of the Silvateam Group. The company coordinates and controls all the companies of the Group in Italy and abroad

  • Ledoga Srl manufactures vegetable tannins for tanning, oenological and food purposes, using chestnut wood as a raw material. From the residues of these processes, Ledoga manufactures 100% natural pellets

  • Silvateam Food Ingredients Srl manufactures ingredients for the food industry, mainly pectin and functional stabilizer blends. It also markets the Tara gum produced by Silvateam Peru

  • Silvachimica Srl manufactures vegetable tannins, synthetic tannins, special tannins, oils and fatliquors, tanning auxiliaries, resins and beamhouse chemicals especially developed for tanning leather. The company has distribution centers in Castelfranco di Sotto (Tuscany) and Arzignano (Veneto), from which it distributes products to these important tanning regions of Italy and to the rest of the world. Silvachimica also produces fine tannins for winemakers and vegetable extracts to balance the diet of animals

  • Silvateam Energia Srl operates in the renewable energy sector


  • Indunor Sa is an Argentinean company that manufactures vegetable tannins for tanning, enology and animal nutrition, making use of quebracho wood as a raw material. It also produces furfural, furfuryl alcohol, natural resins and tannins for industrial applications. Indunor has also produced synthans since 2004

  • Silvateam Peru Sac is a Peruvian company which manufactures vegetable tannins for tanning purposes, using Tara pods as raw material. It also produces a natural hydrocolloid for the food industry. Tara gum is obtained from the endosperm of the seeds

  • Silvateam Brasil Ind. Com. Produtos Quimicos Ltda is a Brazilian company for commercial distribution and acting as the technical assistance and development center for the tanning sector in Latin America

  • Silvateam USA is the representative office of the group for the American and Canadian market. The branch activity is mainly focused on food ingredients and animal nutrition


  • Silvateam (Foshan) Trading Co Ltd is a distribution company, located in Guangzhou. It operates as the technical assistance and development center for the tanning sector in China and South East Asia