Renewable Energy

Specialists in environmentally friendly energy

The production of energy from renewable sources is today’s the main priority of the Kyoto Protocol and the reduction of oil and other fossil fuel consumption leading to global sustainable development.

Silvateam has always considered the correct use of the natural resources and the conservation of the environment as irreplaceable corporate assets. For that reason, one primary goal is the application of sustainable development policies. In an international context, the uncertainties of the fossil fuel market and a growing awareness of the need to restrict polluting emissions; Silvateam has worked for decades in order to broaden its knowledge and use the residual biomasses of different extraction processes for the production of green energy, both in the form of electricity and steam.

As a result of this experience, the Energy division of the Silvateam Group was created in 2002. It consists of highly skilled technicians and consultants, with a well-established knowledge acquired over many years of experience in the renewable energy sector. This division promotes independent projects, as well as a providing consultancy and energy management services.

From the chestnut wood obtained from the tannins extraction, Silvateam manufactures and markets pellets, under the registered brand Bruciabene®, which are practical, cost effective and free from chemical additives, bleaching, and binding agents.