Luxury has rediscovered “natural” tanned leather

From footwear made by rigorous handcrafted methods to exclusive collections from high-end Italian fashion designers, from inimitable hand-made bags to innovative furnishing accessories: vegetable tanned leather is a universe that has today found an indisputable role in the world of fashion and design, turning the “Made in Italy” label into an unquestionable central figure in the world of style.

Shoes, suitcases, belts, key chains, and furnishing accessories are manufactured according to procedures combining old crafted knowledge and new technologies. This has made it possible to create high-quality characteristics in vegetable tanned products. This is a prerogative of the Italian companies located in the leather district of Tuscany, Italy. Generations of master craftsmen continue to work following the history, tradition, originality, and love for the craft that has made it so popular. The best materials and manufacturing practices are used in order to give the final product a unique and inimitable value.

Soft touch and warm color leathers come to life and with aging, they become truly unique. Season after season, they show an unmistakable beauty.

The most famous Italian fashion and furnishing brands are the world ambassadors of vegetable tanning due to the high-quality finished products which are produced. This is made possible by combining a unique manufacturing process along with an environmentally friendly perspective. Vegetable tanned leathers are made using safe materials for the end users and the environment.

All Silvateam products are supported by the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium and the Consortium Vero Cuoio. These are the brands by which the tanneries produce excellent quality leathers that are exported worldwide.