Food ingredients

Valuable ingredients for the food industry

In 2004, Silvateam successfully entered the food ingredients market through the production and the commercialisation of Tara gum, a natural hydrocolloid, grown wild mainly in South America. It is used as a thickening agent and stabiliser in a number of food applications.

As a result of this good performance and after a strategic market analysis, Silvateam decided to create its Food Ingredients Division in 2008.

Silvateam manufactures a full range of pectin, tara gum and tailor-made stabiliser blends complimented with an extensive line of oenological tannins and natural extracts (yerba mate, green tea, maca) to give the customer a products portfolio suited to modern market requirements.

These ingredients enhance the taste, the texture and the appearance of finished products, extending their shelf life, optimising the food safety and enabling cost effective production. It is essential that Silvateam meets the needs of its customers in terms of global quality assurance and legislation.

The combination of being a family owned company with all-round service and production flexibility, yet boasting basic research capabilities, broad based applications technology and creativity has enabled Silvateam to consistently “set a higher standard” in today’s marketplace.