Animal nutrition: natural extracts for healthy animals

Healthy nutrition and well-being are important factors in human and animal diets and have become more natural. The animal nutrition industry can provide diets which have diverse blends of nutrients needed for the growth and the overall well-being of animals. However, in some instances, the diet formulations alone may not supply adequate amounts of required nutrients or the animal may not be in a state to deal with periods of physical stress due to adverse environmental conditions and potential risk of infections.

Therefore farmers are improving the general health of their livestock in response to these requirements and the different constantly changing animal welfare regulations. Better animal’s health contributes directly and indirectly to the quality of food and the environmental and agricultural regulations must be adapted accordingly to meet this trend.

At Silvateam, we have designed a range of natural extracts, commercialized under the Silvafeed® brand name, that meet the needs of farmers and industry personnel wishing to produce healthy animals and improve productivity.

Silvateam strives to keep its products as natural as possible. The products are simple to use and appealing to animals, with a good an attractive flavor profile.

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