Tannins and other natural extracts for animal nutrition

For close on 170 years, Silvateam has been directly manufacturing different plant extracts that have long been used as feed flavouring for several animal species. As a pioneer in this field, the Company has been investigating and formulating, since the 1990s, different blends of tannins to deliver consistent and efficient solutions to the animal nutrition. More recently, the company set its eye on new extracts such as saponins, polyphenols and pectins.

Silvateam’s extensive history and knowledge of different plants have allowed for the development of Silvafeed®, the brand which offers a complete range of natural products that are designed for all species.
With four manufacturing plants based in Italy and South America, as well as a global salesforce network of branch offices and distributors, Silvateam Animal Nutrition:

  • has easy access to many varieties of plants and has been developing a strong know-how in processing them.
  • provides highly experienced technical support to different players and markets within the animal production industry.
  • is continuously updating its knowledge base through more than 50 R&D partnerships with universities and research labs around the globe.

By generating economic value for native forests that are part of its history, Silvateam is fully committed to making a real difference in today’s changing global economy, providing innovative solutions for the transition to eco-friendly feed ingredients and restoring nature’s balance.

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