Sustainable development

Silvateam’s commitment and respect for human beings and the environment

The principle of sustainability is an integral part of Silvateam’s culture and history, representing the driving force of continuous improvement processes across all areas of the company. The respect for these principles is fundamental in ensuring continuity of results and gives essential added value in the process of development and improvement of our production.

Corporate social responsibility

For more than 160 years, Silvateam has evolved and developed, ultimately becoming an international company.

This growth has always been accompanied by a steady commitment to the social welfare of the communities, near the company’s facilities in Argentina, Italy, and Peru, as well as socially responsible activities for all the shareholders.

Silvateam’s commitment to social progress has different models and it is translated into many specific actions:

  • Maximum focus on people and the professional and social growth of its employees
  • Improvements in workplace safety
  • Respect for the environment
  • Open dialogue with the suppliers
  • Knowledge of and listening to our customers in order to better fulfill their requirements

Respect for the environment

Safeguarding the ecosystem is an integral part of Silvateam’s search for sustainable excellence.

For this reason, the company always operates in compliance with environmental and legal requirements, minimising the ecological impact of the entire productive process: from the quebracho forests in Argentina to the Tara plantations in the Andean mountains, from the Piedmont chestnut woods to the manufacturing plants where the different raw materials are processed and marketed around the world.

The residues resulting from the tannin extraction are used by Silvateam as biomass in the production of thermal and electrical energy in biomass power plants. Also derived from the chestnut wood residues, Silvateam produces and sells pellets, under the registered brand name Bruciabene®, which are free from chemical additives and bleaching and binding agents.

The goals of Silvateam are the following:

  • Reduction in the environmental impact of its activities
  • Continuous improvement of its environmental performance
  • Protection of ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Continuous improvement of the efficiency of management systems