2022 Sustainability Report

Our Mission introduced by our CEO Fabrizio Donegà

In order to grow and improve, a goal-setting attitude is needed. We all do it, whether it’s getting better grades in school, running faster, climbing higher, looking after loved ones, tending the garden or volunteering, one way or another we give ourselves targets.

Silvateam likes to set itself goals and strives to achieve them. It does this by devising new products, reaching new markets, and improving its economic and financial performance. It achieves this through a structured approach of outlining a five-year plan including investments, market expansion and R&D targets, and key technical and economic performance indicators.

We align our team to these same objectives through communicating and sharing our vision and we share our plans with financial institutions and our stakeholders, so they have a clear picture of where Silvateam is going and how it’s getting there.

With this document, Silvateam addresses sustainability issues in the same manner. We want to integrate our growth and development plan with our sustainability goals. Our goals are SMART, like the ones we use for our internal incentive programmes: S for for specific, well-defined, clear; M for measurable with indices and numbers; A for ambitious but achievable; R for related to the characteristics of our business and T for temporally defined with evaluated and self-imposed deadlines.

These are goals that stem from Silvateam's belief that consistent growth can be achieved by combining development, efficiency, environmental impact reduction, involvement, and organisation.

We started with a snapshot of where we stood after nearly 170 years of history. Last year we produced our first sustainable development report and we have since crystallised our performance in ESG terms using the internationally recognised GRI criteria as our guidelines.

Drawing upon the experience gained through generations of planning and successfully managing complex situations, Silvateam has associated a set of objectives to each of its investments. These objectives go beyond mere production capacity or plant replacement and include innovation, reduction in resource consumption, increased efficiency, improved environmental performance, and improved working conditions.

At the same time, Silvateam has set clear objectives in managing its relationships with stakeholders, whether its own employees or the companies that collaborate directly or indirectly with the company, the communities surrounding its industrial facilities, customers, suppliers, and public entities with whom we cooperate.

We are conscious of the fact that a company with a history such as ours has long-established practices, but we have formalised our procedures and processes so as to adapt to those modern governance practices typical of structured companies. All of this without forgetting that we are a dynamic company and that formalising the rules should not mean excessive bureaucracy or rigidity in processes, but rather taking the opportunity to make them clear and more efficient.

Making our goals public automatically becomes a commitment. A commitment that everyone at Silvateam wish to honor!

Fabrizio Donegà

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