Cogeneration thermoelectric power plant

Good yield with state-of-the-art technology

Silvateam has designed a combined cycle power plant of 100MW, composed of two gas turbines (GE LM6000) of 40MW each with their corresponding recovery boilers, a condensing and backpressure steam turbine of 18MW and a transmission line connected to its substations of around 10km long.

The authorisation process which lasted around 3 years was completed at the end of 2007, with the approval of the request for construction and operation of the power plant from the Province of Cuneo, the Region of Piedmont and the Italian Ministry of Environment and Territory. The municipality of San Michele Mondovì, Italy has granted the building permit.

The power plant construction started at the beginning of 2010 in San Michele Mondovì and it is expected to be finished in three years. The plant is installed near the Silvateam manufacturing plant and it will supply the steam and the electricity necessary for its current and future operation.