Biomass fuelled thermoelectric power station

The great Italian biomass plant recognised for its performance and reliability

A thermoelectric power plant has been built by Silvateam in Rende (Calabria), Italy with a biomass powered boiler, consisting of 60% wood and 40% exhausted olive residues. The steam reaches a maximum pressure of 60bar at 480°C. The combustion chamber which is equipped with water cooled vibrating grates, receives 20t/hour of biomass. The turbine powers a 15MW generator.

The power plant started to operate in January 2001, after a three year investment program. The design, construction and maintenance of the plant have been managed by the personnel of Silvateam.

The power plant has taken advantage of incentives resulting from the production of electricity using renewable sources. The incentive program CIP6 ended in 2008. At the present time the plant belongs to the Falck Group.