Organisational structure

Experts on energy to meet customer requirements

The top management is composed of highly experienced staff in the renewable energy sector, operating in the technical, economic, marketing and legal areas.

Silvateam Energia employs more than 20 technicians, including process, environmental and civil engineers, project managers with good technical and economic backgrounds, marketing managers and lawyers to handle legal formalities and legal resources.

Silvateam is also supported by the permanent and coordinated co-operation of external consultants specialised in:

  • Electric instrumentation engineering.
  • Plant design.
  • Piping.
  • Building works.
  • High pressure steam boiler design.
  • Gas effluent impact studies.
  • Noise impact studies.
  • Welding testing.
  • Waste gas treatment.

These partnerships allow the company to be lean, flexible and optimise operating costs while taking advantage of updated technologies in the development of power stations, materials and legislation.