Photovoltaic power plants

Working in harmony with the sun

Silvateam is able to design, create and install large and medium-sized photovoltaic power plants.

The main aspects to be taken into considerations are:

  • Identification of the available places for the establishment of the plant with a focus on the existence of landscape problems and potential areas of shadow
  • Feasibility study which include solar radiation measurements in order to define the types of panels to be used - single crystal, polycrystalline, amorphous, fine film, etc - and the relative slope tilt. Also, installed power and the annual energy production calculations are carried out. There are also accurate studies about shadows and the benefits of the installation of concentrators and solar tracking systems

Company experts can provide all the basic construction engineering proposals, with the relative technical and economic features for the selection of different suppliers. Silvateam also offers “turnkey” plants.

The personnel are trained on technical and legal matters in order to offer customers state-of-the art solutions complying with the current legislation.

In the photovoltaic field, Silvateam can carry out all the procedures for the authorisations for the construction and operation of the plants and the authorisations to obtain state incentives for renewable energy.

Before submitting any documentation, Silvateam evaluates if the selected places are subject to any landscape restrictions: if that is the case, the company organises preliminary meetings with the competent authorities for the evaluation of the visual impact and the feasibility of the project.