Hydroelectric power plants

Zero impact renewable energy, fully integrated with the environment

Silvateam has considerable expertise in hydroelectric power plants, both in the construction of new plants as well as in revamping existing facilities. In the case of revamping there is an assessment of modifications needed to the existing facilities in order to obtain the total or partial revamping qualification with the granting of state incentives for renewable energy.

The main stages related to the design and the implementation of the power plants are the following:

  • Hydromorphological mapping of the river (flow, drop, etc.) determining the barrage and plant positions and the type of turbine to be used.
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies including the amount of investment and annual production of electricity. The value of the electricity and the state incentives for renewable energy. The cost of maintenance, staff, consumables and potential local taxes are also evaluated.
  • Basic engineering including the cost of the equipment for the plant and following the technical and economic development.
  • Acquisition of all the authorisations necessary for the construction and operation of the plant, granted from all the governing authorities.
  • Plant construction including: barrages, dams, fish ladders, penstocks and tunnels. It is also possible to provide site and safety managers.
  • Power plant start-up.
  • Staff training for plant personnel and management.

Silvateam co-operates with banks and participates in local, regional or national funding.

Our experts analyse all the possible environmental risks related to the river, from the dam to the turbine, during and after the construction and while operating of the plant. The environmental impact is very low.