District heating plant

Heating for everyone while preserving the environment

Silvateam has significant knowledge in the design and construction of district heating plants for the production of heating for residential and industrial uses. This knowledge covers:

  • Identifying the most suitable locations for the technical and environmental undertakings.
  • Feasibility studies which include local climate characteristics, estimation of the volume of heat produced, plant location and possible technologies to use for heat generation.
  • Basic engineering and developments of plans.
  • Construction engineering of the district heating power plant and related sub-central divisions while focusing on the distribution network.
  • Construction of district heating plants using affiliated companies under the supervision of Silvateam’s skilled staff (site managers, safety managers, etc.).
  • Power plant start-up.
  • Staff training for plant personnel and management.
  • Drafting of contracts for final users.

Silvateam is involved to obtain all authorisations necessary for the construction and operation of the district heating plant with the appropriate authorities at local and national level. The company co-operates with banks and participates in local, regional and national funding.

During the approval stages, Silvateam provides gas effluent and acoustic impact studies, evaluating solutions of low environmental impact.