Biomass power plants

Proven experience in biomass combustion

Broad experience in the design and construction of biomass power plants has allowed Silvateam to develop innovative solutions which help to increase the yield thus reducing the environmental impact.

The company has proven experience in the combustion of the following types of biomasses (according to Italian Legislative Decree n. 152/06):

  • Virgin wood chips (vegetable waste).
  • Tannin free wood chips.
  • Exhausted olive residues.
  • Black liquor, a waste product from the processes of the pulp, paper and paperboard industries.
  • Nutshells.

Currently the size of the power plants in the design stage is of around 15MW, due to the development of the regulations and the guidelines of the appropriate authorities. This plant size gives access to a simplified authorisation procedure (Art. 12 of Legislative Decree n. 387/2003) which obtains very high energy efficiency of up to 30%, using advanced technologies.

The use of biomass power plants includes the following activities:

  • Identification of the most suitable sites for technical and environmental features.
  • Feasibility studies which research energy balances and profit & loss accounts.
  • Basic engineering and development of the lay-out associated with their views and sections.
  • Drafting of the necessary documents to obtain the authorisations and assistance in dealing with public administrations.
  • Applying for government funding.
  • Construction engineering.
  • Construction of power plants using affiliated companies under the supervision of Silvateam’s skilled staff (site managers, safety managers, etc.).
  • Power plant start-up.
  • Staff training for plant personnel and management.
  • Consultancy about the electricity market and state incentives for renewable energy.