Main uses of quebracho extract

Natural tannins, real leathers

Today, quebracho extracts are used to produce all types of leather (bags, saddles, belts, upper shoes, garment, car seats), but its qualities are highlighted when used to produce natural, full vegetable leather, like harnesses and vacchetta.

Cold soluble quebracho extracts can be blended either among themselves, or with other vegetable extracts, phenolic syntans, naphthalene and phenol-naphthalene syntans and they can be used in all stages of vegetable tanning (rapid, semi rapid and pit drum), in re-tanning of chrome tanned leathers where good fullness, roundness and buffability are required.

Indusol and Indusol ATO impart to the leathers the typical rosy colour of quebracho, Indusol ATG gives a yellowish shade.

Due to their filling properties, the semi-soluble extracts find their main use in the tannage of very empty vegetable crust leathers and of skins which have been dewoolled by sweating or with enzyme processes. The second most important application is in the retannage of chrome tanned shoe uppers or of vacchetta type and saddlery leathers when the raw hides are rather empty. The semi-soluble quebracho extracts are also indicated for the production of burnish leathers, which will darken easily upon friction.

Indusol ATS imparts a typical rosy colour of quebracho to the leathers; Indusol ATD is a decolourised extract and it gives a pale rosy colour.

Since quebracho extracts can be used in many and varied applications, according to the kind of leather to be produced and the tannage / retannage systems adopted, more complete explanation and instructions will be provided upon request.