Quebracho extracts

Natural tannins for leathers that live and change over time

Quebracho colorado (Schinopsis balansae and Schinopsis lorentzii), commonly called quebracho is an evergreen tree that grows wild in South America, mainly in Argentina and Paraguay, in dense sub-tropical forests which also include a variety of other trees and vegetation. It is only after a minimum of 80 years growth that quebracho is mature enough for the extraction. Silvateam respects the environment and the strict local regulations for the extraction of condensed tannins. Quebracho extract is commercialised in the form of spray-dried moistened powder.

The name is due to its hardness, being derived from two Spanish words, “quebrar” and “hacha”, meaning “the axe breaks”. In fact, quebracho has been used locally for posts, telegraph poles, bridge timbers, railway ties, paving blocks and for any construction where great durability is desired.